The SHIB interview they would not publish

Jeremy Britton
3 min readOct 28, 2021


Sometimes you may wonder if there are conflicts of interest in the media… Maybe there are, and maybe there is no room for the truth, or even the opinion of someone who digs into the evidence.

We were asked for our professional opinion on SHIB. I gave my personal opinion. They did not like it. Read it for yourself below and see if you can figure out why they chose not to publish.

Good morning Anthony

happy to weigh in on the latest dog-coin meme-stock fiasco :) What would you like to know?

Typically Shiba is seen as a meme; what in particular is
special about it from a fundamental standpoint?

Nothing is special about Shiba. Have you heard anyone speaking about how Shiba or Dogecoin has a real-world fundamental use-case scenario, or have you just heard drooling ignoramuses saying “green line go up, so must be good”?

Shiba appears to be rising because there’s a belief it’s going
to get included in Robinhood. Is this an overreaction by

Absolutely. The hype is similar to the meme-stock hype around GameStop and other coins or stocks, where shills on Reddit thought it may be fun to “stick it to the Boomers/Wall St execs”. When you dig a little deeper, you find that the person who started the stampede had already bought GME a long time before you did, and got out before it crashed.

Signing a petition to list a joke coin on RobinHood is the 2021 version of the 2010 post on Facebook “Can this potato get more likes than Justin Bieber”, except with criminal market manipulation that would be illegal if it was not crypto.

Someone got very rich buying GME at $2 and pumping it to $300, but anyone who bought late is sitting on 50% losses.

In terms of trends, where do you think Shiba will wind up at
the end of the year? How do you feel about this meme coin being
able to sustain its gains in the future?

Even the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, has not been able to continue in a straight line. Over the last 13 years, there have been many 1000% BTC gains followed by brutal 80–90% BTC drops. One reason that bitcoin is still around after more than a decade is that BTC actually has fundamental value and usage. El Salvador could have chosen DOGE or SHIB, but went for BTC as bitcoin is comparable to gold bullion in many aspects (although BTC is arguably superior to gold in many ways).

I personally feel that fair value for a joke coin is zero, or “whatever some fool will pay for it”; similar to people who collect Pogs, Beanie Babies, or broken Atari and Gameboy consoles “for sentimental value”.

We value utility and usability. If you compare the 13-year-old crypto market to the 400-year-old stock market, you will see where this is headed. After centuries of stock ownership, 98% of the companies which *held* value, are the companies that *add* value.

If you would like to gamble your money on a joke meme-coin, sure, go ahead. You can also buy a lottery ticket or get 10 000:1 odds on a three-legged horse. We prefer to research the crypto market in the same way we research the stock market, and invest in something which will still be around in a decade or even a century.

A great link for potential crypto investors is the 4-step “COIN protocol” from This free tool has been secretly used for many years by some of the biggest names in crypto hedge funds and crypto newsletters.

happy to chat further if you need anything

Jeremy Britton
CFO, Bostoncoin, the world’s first diversified crypto fund, since 2016

DISCLAIMER: Jeremy Britton owns SHIB in his own name, as they were given to him for free as part of a promotion. SHIB, DOGE, other dog-coins, jokecoins or memecoins are NOT in the professionally-managed Bostoncoin portfolio. Jeremy intends to sell his personal SHIB in the next seven days, as they are worth nothing, but if someone will pay $5 for them, it’s a free lunch. Bostoncoin owns 30–40 diversified crypto assets in its portfolio, some of which it has held for over five years.



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